Our goal is to give consumers in the Mid-South better choices of every day, hard-to-find, unusual and cutting-edge wines and spirits, as well as having knowledgeable staff willing to share their experience and information. We want to be your wine and liquor store of choice.


Gary Burhop garyburhop@greatwinesmemphis.com

A lifetime wine enthusiast, Gary Burhop followed his passion and opened Great Wines & Spirits at Thanksgiving 2000, following a two decade plus career in public and government relations with Malone & Hyde, AutoZone and Harrah’s Entertainment.

Drawing on his experience as an avid wine consumer, his travels and many visits to wine shops here and abroad, and his attention to the successful retail ventures of Malone & Hyde, Gary envisioned a better shopping experience for Memphians. His goal was and is to employ staff who know wine, understand customer service, who are willing to do everything possible to fulfill customer requests, and are happy to answer any and all questions. He also feels strongly that the shopping experience needs to be pleasant, in a clean, spacious, and well organized setting.

As to wines offered at Great Wines & Spirits, Gary insists that at least one of the three managers taste every new wine to decide that the wine is true to its variety, is well made, and is priced so that there is a good quality to price value ratio. He is, after all, still a wine consumer.

Gary Green garygreen@greatwinesmemphis.com

Gary Green

Gary Green worked for Buster’s Liquors for 21 years before joining Great Wines & Spirits as manager. A graduate of the University of Memphis, Gary brings a keen understanding of the wine and spirits business and to consumer demands and trends. He offers consumers a wealth of knowledge about wines, grape varietals, taste characteristics and food and wine pairings.
Gary organizes and leads wine tastings for groups. Contact him for more information, pricing and scheduling.